Wedding Flowers 101: What to Wear and Carry This Season in Chicago Banquet Halls

Flowers to Wear at Chicago Wedding Reception Venue

Chicago, despite being a metropolitan city, has no shortage of color. And so it is necessary to go along with the general color scheme of the city, and carry it forward into the banquet rooms during fall weddings!

Adorning your hair with some bright Perennials will not only up the appeal of any ensemble you are wearing, but will also add some classic beauty to your wardrobe and your general appearance. New York Daisies, although not native to Chicago, look very beautiful when worn with a long, flowy dress. Be sure to add some of those if you are going for cooler colors to wear, and if the general ambience in the banquet rooms is on the demure side.
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Wedding flowers are one of the requisites when it comes to planning a wedding. It is an age-old tradition to have an array of fresh blooms at your weddings in order to add the much needed-classic beauty and ageless allure that weddings are known for. And besides, let’s admit it; flowers are one of the most beautiful things at the wedding, except for the bride of course!

Wearing flowers is necessary for both men and women, whether they are outside amongst nature, or indoors, in banquet rooms. A flower worn at a wedding is a mark of the festive spirit, dotted with an appreciation for all things beautiful, such as the bond the two people share. Similarly, carrying flowers and spraying their petals around is necessary to invoke the beauty and atmospheric charm that is needed within the ambience.

However, while flowers are beautiful and vital additions to a wedding, it is not easy to know which flowers to wear and which to carry during seasonal weddings, especially ones held in fall, when flowers and leaves are already falling in Chicago.

Wedding Flowers: Which Ones to Wear and Which to Carry during Fall

Wouldn’t it be great to have a wedding flower guide that lets you know which flowers will be ideal for wearing as part of your dress ensemble and which to carry as accessories? Following is just such a guide! Staring with flowers that you should carry.

Flowers to Carry

Flowers are usually carried in the form of a bouquet, and so need to be sufficiently vibrant, as well as easily portable. This means that any extravagant flower arrangements should be limited to the Chicago banquet halls, which are often appropriately decorated to house such arrangements.

Additionally, you should only carry flowers that are currently in season, as flowers that are artificially grown and cultivated out of season often look out of place. While it is true that you can get even non-seasonal flowers nowadays; it is better to stay with what the season brings in naturally.

Color-wise, you should stick to the typical Chicago range of bright oranges and light browns, with the former being more appropriate. A bouquet of Chrysanthemums, Sneezeweed, or Sunflowers with a nice, bright bow will look stunning enough to turn heads in the banquet rooms. Especially since Chicago banquet halls make special accommodations for the season, you should take full advantage of and carry said flowers.


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